Labour market

Šimonytė: GDP decline was expected

Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė is not surprised about lower gross domestic product (GDP) indicators in the first quarter of 2023 as this had been predicted.

SEB bank predicts Lithuanian economic growth of up to 3% next year

Lithuania ’s economic growth is expected not to exceed 3 percent in 2024, given the current monetary tightening policy, an economist with SEB bank says.

Economist: central banks seek a deeper recession to cool down labour market

The European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve Board aim at triggering a deeper recession rather than a technical one to cool down the labour market,...

Finance Ministry: economy remains resilient, inflation will slow down this year faster than projected

Lithuania’s economy continues to demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges. The updated economic development scenario of the Ministry of Finance...

Audit Office: lifelong learning is a necessary skill that should be given greater importance

Gaining experience, learning and development opportunities are among the most important values that are becoming increasingly important as life expectancy...

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