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Lithuania denies entry to reps of Russian 'compatriots foundation', Moscow vows response

Lithuania has denied entry to representatives of a Russia n foundation that is on the national blacklist , a move that Moscow has said will not go unanswered.

US Republican senators McCain, Graham to visit Lithuania next week (2)

Two influential US Republican senators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham , are expected to visit Lithuania next week, the Foreign Ministry has confirmed to...

Polish amendment may lead to tearing down Lithuanian monuments (1)

Lithuanian politicians describe as "a slap in the face" a proposed legal amendment in Poland that would equate "Lithuanian nationalism " to a totalitarian...

Polish Sejm won't discuss amendments condemning 'Lithuanian nationalism'

The Polish parliament will not discuss on Thursday amendments that would equate "Lithuanian nationalism " to a totalitarian regime as the item has been...

Sweden suspects Lithuanian citizen of spying

Sweden has detained a Lithuanian citizen on suspicions of spying , the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry confirmed on Monday.

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