Lithuania denies entry to 4 Pakistanis with Fan-IDs

Lithuanian border guards last night prevented four Pakistanis with World Cup Fan IDs from entering the country.

Football fans have smoothly travelled via Lithuania, minister says

Football fans have smoothly travelled from mainland Russia to its exclave of Kaliningrad via Lithuania, Interior Minister Eimutis Misiūnas said on Thursday.

Football fans travelled to Russia's Kaliningrad via Lithuania without incidents

Around 1,600 football fans traveled by train to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad via Lithuania on Thursday night without any incidents, Renatas Požėla ,...

Power grid synchronization is final step in Lithuania's European integration - president

A political agreement to be signed in Brussels on Thursday on the Baltic power grids' synchronization with the Continental European system marks Lithuania's...

Lithuanian border guards bar entry to 20 football fans

Lithuanian border guards stopped 20 people from entering the country over the last weekend as they were travelling by train to the Russian exclave of...

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