NATO jets scrambled from Lithuania once last week over Russian warplane

Fighter-jets conducting the NATO air-policing mission were last week scrambled once to intercept a Russian warplane flying above the Baltic Sea.

V. Antonovas ketina skųsti Maskvos arbitražo teismo sprendimą (23)

Rusijos verslininkas, didžiausias bankrutavusio banko „Snoras“ akcininkas Vladimiras Antonovas skųs penktadienį priimtą Maskvos arbitražo teismo...

Deterrence is key - Stoltenberg tells Baltic states

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday assured the Baltic states that the most important thing for the Alliance was to deter, not to copy...

NATO confirms two Russian warships have entered Baltic Sea

Two Russian warships have recently entered the Baltic Sea, NATO confirmed on Wednesday.

Russia demonstrates aggression against European capitals - President

An intensifying demonstration of Russia's military power in the region poses a threat to security not only in the region , but also in the whole of...

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