Jonas Vaitkus EN

Jonas Vaitkus EN

Jonas Vaitkus (born May 20, 1944 in Lithuania) is a lecturer, theatre and film director. From 1969 to 1974 Jonas Vaitkus studied at the State Theatre, Music and Cinematography Institute of Leningrad (Saint Petersburg). From 1977 to 1988 he was the artistic director of Kaunas State (Academic) Drama Theater, and from 1989 to 1995 was the artistic director of the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

Prosecutors close probe into alleged sexual harassment at Vilnius Academy of Arts

The Vilnius Prosecutor's Office has closed a pre-trial investigation into allegations of sexual harassment at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA).

Seimas speaker plans parliamentary panel for MP's sexual misconduct allegations

Lithuania's Parliamentary Speaker Viktoras Pranckietis has pledged to form an ad hoc commission at the parliament to scrutinize the sexual misconduct...

None of 5 applicants to head Russian theatre in Vilnius scores minimum number of points

None of the five applicants for the job of director of the Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania scored the minimum number of points in the selection process on...

Trimakas leaves Vilnius Arts Academy amid misconduct allegations

Lithuanian National Culture and Arts Prize winner, photographer Gintautas Trimakas , who has been accused of unacceptable behaviour toward female...

Lithuania: Vaitkus removed from work with students amid sexual misconduct allegations

Lithuanian theater director Jonas Vaitkus who has been recently accused of sexual harassment has been suspended from work with students at the Lithuanian...

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