Lithuanian GDP per capita approaching EU average (1)

In 2014, Lithuania's gross domestic product ( GDP ) per capita compared to purchasing power parity ( PPP ) grew by 2 percent, bringing it up to 75 percent of...

Neįtikėtina, kaip pasielgė tėvai norėdami keturmečiui parodyti pasaulį (7)

Rumunų šeima, norėdama supažindinti savo keturių metų sūnų su plačiuoju pasauliu, pasielgė netradiciškai. Ėmė ir iškeliavo aplink Europą.

Lithuanians among ‘most politically inactive in Europe’ (1)

Lithuanians are among the least politically active citizens in Europe, according to new research.

Will Lithuania ever be a nation of 3.5 million again? (2)

Will Lithuania ever again be a nation of 3.5 million? This target, championed by the leaders of six political parties, is to be achieved by 2025. Some...

700 Lithuanian troops will serve in NATO and EU rapid response forces in 2016

On 1 January 2016, about 700 Lithuanian soldiers with infantry equipment and vehicles will begin to stand by for the NATO and EU rapid response forces.

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