Vilnius goes green for St Patricks Day

Lithuania is to join global celebrations of St Patrick’s Day with the greening of the Vilnelė river on Saturday as celebrations kick off around the world...

Foreign adoptions of Lithuanian children almost as frequent as local adoptions

Lithuanian citizens adopted 99 children last year and foreigners adopted 62, figures from the State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service show.

Lithuania reports second-best industrial production growth in EU

Lithuania 's industrial growth in January was among the highest in the European Union , according to Eurostat .

Pavojingiausios pasaulio vietos, kur dėl asmenukių žmonės pasirengę paaukoti gyvybę (14)

Pasaulyje yra pavojingų, bet kartu ir labai gražių vietų, į kurias plūsta turistai iš viso pasaulio. Taip pat ten lankosi ir asmenukių, tobulų...

Figures putting Lithuania among top alcohol consuming countries not accurate (1)

New research shows that Lithuania is not the third most alcohol consuming country in the world as the World Health Organization figures claim.

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