EU decision-making too slow but deal to avoid Brexit close, says Lithuanian President

European Union leaders are running behind events on the ground in their attempts to find solutions to the ongoing refugee crisis, said Lithuanian...

Britain ‘preparing for NATO-Russia conflict in Eastern Europe’

A major British army exercise to practice an Iraq invasion-scale operation with US forces in Jordan is in preparation for a possible confrontation with...

Refugee resettlement in Lithuania and EU 'is failing' (1)

Lithuania and the European Union is likely to fail to implement the refugee resettlement plan, says Government Vice-Chancellor Rimantas Vaitkus.

Group to collect signatures against refugee resettlement in Lithuania (3)

A group wants to collect 50,000 signatures under a petition which would force parliament to reconsider refugee resettlement in Lithuania.

Propaganda must be fought with democratic methods - OSCE representative

The fight against the propaganda in democratic countries must adhere to democratic principles and governments should refrain from blocking contrarian...

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