Naujas „Braitin“ fondas investuos į pramonės NT (1)

Naujas turto valdymo bendrovės „Braitin“ fondas investuos į pramoninį nekilnojamąjį turtą ( NT ) Baltijos šalyse . Tam jis ketina pritraukti iki...

Bonuses, dividends pit Europe banks against economic wardens

Judging by its largest banks , you’d hardly know Europe was in the grip of a worsening pandemic .

Here’s what economists are saying about China’s new 5-year plan

Economists zeroed in on China’s focus on quality economic growth and its technology ambitions in the 14th five-year plan released Thursday.

New "Retal Baltic Films" lab supports sustainable packaging

RETAL Baltic Films , which manufactures food-grade APET film and closures at the Klaipeda Free Economic Zone , has completed a €1m laboratory expansion...

Coalition agreement: what's been agreed on and where disputes are likely

Three right-wing parties, the winners of Lithuania's recent parliament election, are set to sign a coalition agreement on Monday. BNS provides a review of...

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