Institute of Hygiene

JAV profesorius įvardijo didžiausias mūsų ydas ir pateikė veiksmų planą, kaip nemirti nuo širdies ir kraujagyslių ligų (88)

Šiomis dienomis JAV profesorius dr. Williamas S. Harrisas vieši Lietuvoje ir patirtimi apie širdies bei kraujagyslių ligų prevencijos būdus...

Cardiovascular diseases, tumors remain most common causes of death in Lithuania

40,100 people died in Lithuania last year, 946 fewer than in 2016.

Suicide rate down in Lithuania in 2017 y/y, more people see psychologists

The suicide rate in Lithuania is on a consistent decline, with a triple increase reported in the number of visits to psychologists in state clinics over the...

Lithuania set to start EU-level discussions on twice-yearly time shift

The Lithuanian government announced on Wednesday that is initiating EU -level discussions on the summer time directive.

Cardiovascular diseases most frequent cause of death in Lithuania

Cardiovascular diseases, cancer tumors and external causes were the most frequent causes of death in Lithuania last year, the Hygiene Institute said in...

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