Vilnius should have monument to people who saved Jews, says Jewish community leader

The Lithuanian Jewish community would like to see a monument built in Vilnius to people who were saving Jews during World War Two .

Lithuanian prosecutors 'should look into list of Holocaust perpetrators'

The leader of the Jewish Community of Lithuania, Faina Kukliansky , says that the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre should submit the list of...

Genocide research centre may publish list of suspected Lithuanian Holocaust collaborators (4)

The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (LGGRTC) has announced that it may publish a list of individuals who had worked in police...

'They showed that Lithuanians were an honourable people, they saved their own and their nation's honour'

Hundreds of ordinary Lithuanians who saved Jews are honoured in Israel

"We never called Lithuanians a nation of Jew-shooters" says community leader

Jews living in Lithuania never said Lithuanians were a nation of Jew-shooters and don't plan on doing so, but Lithuania should acknowledge the topic of the...

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