Proposal to make Jan 13 public holiday registered

Two lawmakers from the opposition conservative Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats have proposed making the Day of Freedom Defenders on...

Vilnius hopes to build monument for Jew savers in couple of years

A monument to Jew savers is planned to be built in Vilnius over the next couple of years.

JK sužavėjo lenko virėjo poelgis – teroristui puolus praeivius peiliu šis bandė tramdyti užpuoliką narvalo iltimi papildyta 11.02 (106)

Asmuo, kovai su peiliu ginkluotu teroristu ant Londono tilto pasitelkęs narvalo iltį, sulaukė didžiulio dėmesio ir pagyrų už drąsą ir...

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Kaunas: concerts

Here are some of the most excellent events for you to enjoy.

Three-state celebration: Vilnius hosts state funeral for commanders of 1863-1864 uprising (1)

Vilnius is hosting a state funeral ceremony for the commanders and participants of the 1863-1864 uprising on Friday.

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