Four Lithuanians detained after underground cigarette factory found in Spain

A secret underground cigarette factory has been found in Spain and the detainees include four Lithuanians.

320 kg of drugs busted in Lithuania and Latvia during international operation

A shipment of 320 kilos of drugs has been seized during an international operation in Lithuania's second-largest city of Kaunas and Latvia, Lithuania's...

Police seize hashish cargo worth 20 mln EUR

The Lithuanian police announced on Wednesday that they have seized 1.5 tons of hashish shipment worth around 20 million euros (22.6 million U.S....

Lithuanian customs officers find over 100 kg of hashish in Russian's car

Lithuanian customs officers last week found over 100 kilograms of hashish hidden in a Russian national's car.

Almost 80 kilos of hashish nabbed at Lithuania's border with Poland

Lithuanian customs officials have seized almost 80 kilograms of hashish hidden in a car that was pulled over for a check at the border with Poland, the...