Great Duchy of Lithuania

Forgotten neighbour of the Great Duchy of Lithuania – the Ottoman Empire

Moldova and the Tatar khanates were neighbouring political formations of the Great Duchy of Lithuania (GDL) territories between the Dniestr and Dniepr...

English Aristocrats in Kražiai in the Middle of the 16th Century

Catherine Willaughby, the Duchess of Suffolk (1519/1520-1580) and her second husband Richard Bertie (1517-1582), who were closely tied to England’s royal...

The Jewish Quarter in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – isolation or privilege?

Quarters comprising of several streets that were designed along religious, ethnic or professional lines were a regular way of life in European cities during...

Lithuanian MPs, mayor want city museum in Vilnius

Vilnius City Mayor Remigijus Šimašius of the Liberal Movement has been urged by a group of parliamentarians to found a museum of the Lithuanian capital.

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