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5 European ideas for a sustainable future

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is this year rewarding outstanding climate projects that demonstrate the commitment of civil society to a...

Sabatauskaite appointed equal opportunities ombudsperson

Birute Sabatauskaite, a lawyer and head of the Lithuanian Center for Human Rights, has been appointed Lithuania’s equal opportunities ombudsperson.

Special binocular installation puts old cinemas in Lithuanian regions into spotlight

“Following the fall of the Iron Curtain, Lithuania inherited the biggest network of cinemas in the Baltic states that is currently deteriorating at a rapid...

„Nestlé“ įtraukta į 2021 m. „Bloomberg“ lyčių lygybės indeksą

„Bloomberg“ pripažino „Nestlé“, įtraukdama į 2021 m. Lyčių lygybės indeksą (angl. Bloomberg Gender Equality Index) už įsipareigojimą...

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Crisis showcases corner of Europe belittled by Trump advisers

In the 21st century’s toughest test yet of nation-state governance, the Nordics stand out.

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