Gediminas Tower

Visitors once again allowed onto Vilnius' Gediminas Hill (1)

Visitors are one again allowed onto Gediminas Hill in central Vilnius after a break of around eight months, the National Museum of Lithuania says.

Should we be worried about Gediminas Tower and the unstable hill it stands on?

The trees that used to cover the hill on which Gediminas Tower stands were cut down several years ago, but the hill is still a topic of discussion,...

Mylintiems Lietuvą: pasitikrinkite savo istorijos žinias Spręskite testą DELFI  (15)

DELFI jau antrą kartą kviečia pasitikrinti savo istorijos žinias ir jau antrą kartą kartą spręsti „Lietuvos istorijos žinovo“ testą, kurį...

Lithuanian thinkers weigh in on importance of Russian opposition forum in Trakai

At a press conference in Trakai following the annual Russian opposition forum , Lithuanian commentators shared their insights into the results of this...

What's on in Vilnius this weekend

Here are some events to look forward to in Vilnius this weekend (2/27-2/28)