Parliament allows letters x, w and q in ID documents

The parliament on Tuesday allowed the original spelling of non-Lithuanian names in Latin-based characters in personal documents.

Parliament allows restricting irregular migrants' movement for another 6 months

The parliament on Thursday allowed the authorities to restrict the movement of irregular migrants in Lithuania for up to a year.

Court on migrants: softer measures in exceptional cases

The Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania says it is introducing a practice regarding requests of third-country citizens who entered Lithuania illegally...

Four Iraqis from Latvian migrant camp and their Estonian driver detained

Four Iraqi nationals thought to have fled a migrant facility in Latvia and their Estonian driver have been detained in Lithuania, the State Border Guard...

Bilotaite cites reasons to extend state of emergency

Despite a drop in attempts by illegal migrants to cross the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, there are still reasons to extend the existing state of emergency,...

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