Saudi prisoner at alleged CIA black site in Lithuania requests victim status

A lawyer for Mustafa al-Hawsawi , a Saudi citizen held in the Guantanamo Bay US detention facility, has asked a Vilnius court to grant victim status to...

Russian drones in Estonia hint at extensive spying and intimidation campaign against NATO

The Estonian Internal Security Service (KAPO) has informed NATO about suspicions that the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) spotted in the country's territory...

Belarusian drones crossing into Lithuanian territory, border guards say

Lithuanian border guards have spotted an increasing number of drones flying from Belarus into Lithuania's airspace.

Kaunas to give €500k to Wizz Air to bring in more tourists

The municipality of Kaunas decided on Tuesday to give €500,000 to the low-cost airline Wizz Air to help it operate more flights from Lithuania's second...

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