Lithuania and Kazakhstan aim to develop economic ties and transport connections

Lithuania and Kazakhstan seek to increase the volume of bilateral trade through much closer cooperation in the fields of transport and logistics, according...

Police looking into circumstances of mysterious unauthorized international flight from Lithuania

Lithuania's police are looking into the circumstances surrounding a mysterious flight from Lithuania over several Eastern European countries.

Statistics of Lithuanian airports: while other airports are quickly reaching the pre-pandemic results, Kaunas Airport continues to lead

In May this year, Lithuanian airports continued to rapidly approach the results registered before the pandemic. Last month, almost 528,000 passengers...

Internete sparčiai plinta instrukcija, kaip rasti pigiausius skrydžių pasiūlymus

Nors lėktuvų bilietai brangsta, prisiekusiems keliautojams pavyksta rasti būdų, kaip ir toliau skraidyti kuo pigiau.

Interior Ministry representative: illegal migration route via Moscow emerges

One should not be misled into thinking that the recent drop in the number of illegal migrants trying to enter Lithuania from Belarus means the attack is over...

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