Latvian PM backs Lithuania in opposing Belarusian nuclear plant

Latvia will back Lithuania in opposing the construction of a nuclear power plant some 50 kilometres from Vilnius in Belarus , Prime Minister Māris...

Lithuanian passport provides visa-free access to 162 states

Baltic passports are among the most valuable in the world, according to a list that valued passports by how many states they granted visa-free access to.

Lithuania’s key role in countering Russian A2/AD challenge to Baltics (2)

Concepts of military strategy and doctrine have long influenced the political and military geography of the Baltic region .

Finnish war movie shot in Lithuania gets community première

A screening of The Midwife at the Embassy of Finland in Vilnius this past Friday saw members of the Finnish community in Lithuania come together. The film,...

Conquering Scandinavia presents new challenges for exporters

Lithuanian entrepreneurs have been turning away from Russia as their primary market for exports and setting their sight on the Nordic countries. However,...

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