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Russian goes on trial for allegedly spying on Lithuania’s president

A Russian intelligence officer charged with spying and attempting to bug the offices and home of Lithuania’s president will face trial at Vilnius Regional...

Great power games: Do ordinary Russians really want war? (1)

Does the international perception of Russia as an expansionist and warmongering country sit well with the mood of Russia's population?

Moscow's divide-and-conquer strategy against the Crimean Tatars

According to Refat Chubarov, the president of the Crimean Tatar World Congress and the elected chairperson of the Mejlis (the quasi-governing assembly of the...

Lithuanian spying convict asks to be moved home from Russia to serve sentence

Lithuanian citizen Aristidas Tamošaitis, who has been sentenced in Russia for spying , wants to serve the 12-year sentence in Lithuania.

Lithuania grants asylum to Russian opposition activist wanted by Kremlin

Lithuania has granted asylum to Russian opposition activist Irina Kalmykova who is wanted by the Kremlin .