Farmers and Greens Union

PM about president's criticism: There's one person who's never wrong

All of the projected reforms are being implemented and will be up for assessment in three years, after the work is complete, Lithuania's Prime Minister...

Lithuania's president sees no targeted solutions on ruling bloc's agenda

Over the first year in office of Lithuania's new government, there were no targeted solutions, with reforms replaced by insignificant decisions, President...

Karbauskis į visus klausimus apie frakcijos referentę žada atsakyti etikos komisijai (95)

Lietuvos valstiečių ir žaliųjų lyderis Ramūnas Kabauskis į visus klausimus dėl frakcijos referente dirbusios Milenos Marcinkevičiūtės žada...

Constitutional Court opens MP Bastys' impeachment case

The Lithuanian Constitutional Court began on Tuesday a public hearing on MP Mindaugas Bastys ' impeachment case.

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