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Scientists: in Lithuania, populism does not have many features of radicalism but there is plenty of populist rhetoric

We often hear that some politicians call each other populists – it is not unusual to hear such accusations addressed at the former US President Donald...

Election watchdog to distribute over EUR 2.7 mln to political parties

Lithuania's Central Electoral Commission will on Friday distribute state budget appropriations worth more than 2.7 million euros to the country's political...

Lithuania switching to summer time Sunday

Lithuania will switch to daylight-saving time on Sunday, March 28, by setting clocks one hour forward at 3 a.m. local time.

China slaps sanctions against MP Sakaliene

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday added Lithuanian MP Dovile Sakaliene to the list of sanctions.

Majority of Lithuanians believe economic situation will worsen

More than half of Lithuanian residents believe the economic situation in the country will worsen over the upcoming year, a new survey showed on Friday.

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