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A Lithuanian living in Alaska won the surname with "w" (1)

On July 25th 2018 The Vilnius District Court passed yet another verdict on the original spelling case of names and surnames. This time, for a Lithuanian...

Vilnius city employee cleared of inciting hatred against Russians

An employee of the Vilnius City Administration on Wednesday was acquitted of charges of inciting hatred against Russians in his online comments.

Court orders, for 1st time, spelling name with 'q' on main page of Lithuanian passport

The Vilnius Regional Administrative court has for the first time ordered that a foreign surname be spelt with a letter that does not exist in the...

Court orders non-Lithuanian last names in ID cards

The Lithuanian Supreme Administrative Cour t has handed down yet another ruling on spelling of personal names in documents – it ruled that non-Lithuanian...

Court to rule on spelling of non-Lithuanian surname in ID card (1)

The Lithuanian Supreme Administrative Court is to rule on the spelling of two non-Lithuanian surnames in identify documents.