What do Lithuanians and Europeans think about the EU?

European Union citizens think that the biggest problems in Europe right now are immigration and terrorism, while Lithuanians are more worried about issues...

'People thought Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler weren't real refugees either'

The latest wave of refugees and migrants to Europe has barely touched Lithuania, and only 11 have been relocated to Lithuania out of its total quota of...

EU army ‘could play into Russia’s hands’

The idea of a possible EU common army was supported by 68% of Lithuanians in a recent Eurobarometer survey, but analysts question the wisdom of such a move.

Joint EU army supported by more than two-thirds of Lithuanians

According to the most recent Eurobarometer survey, more than two thirds of Lithuanians would support the creation of a joint EU military force.

Lithuanians more satisfied with their lives than ever, says EU survey

Lithuanians are more satisfied with their lives than they have ever been since the Eurobarometer survey began collecting data in Lithuania. According to...