MP: Belarusian spa's workers must understand the risks

Employees of Belorus, a Belarusian state-owned spa whose bank accounts have been frozen due to EU sanctions, must understand the risks they take by getting...

Spain’s government is studying a four-day work week

Spain ’s government is analyzing shortening working hours as well as cutting the working-week to four days.

The first-ever Nordic-Baltic Women Innovation Sprint begins

The first-ever Alter State Nordic-Baltic Women Innovation Sprint kicks off on November 19, 5 PM (EET). 33 formed teams, featuring more than 200...

COVID-19 might not change the world

Pandemics are not always transformative events. While some worrying preexisting trends could accelerate, it’s incorrect to assume that the coronavirus will...

Lithuania moves one notch up in Gender Equality Index

Lithuania has gone up a notch to the 22nd position in the European Union's Gender Equality Index.

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