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Karolis Broga

Average wholesale electricity price decreased by 11% in Lithuania last week and was the lowest this year, shows data published by Litgrid, Lithuania’s electricity transmission system operator.

Justina Vaišvilaitė-Braziulienė

Renewable energy remains at the core of Lithuania’s updated national energy independence strategy, while installing small nuclear reactors in the country is only one of the options set out in the strategy, says the energy minister. State institutions will not be building them, he says.

Karolis Broga

In February 2024, compared with January 2024, wholesale electricity price in Lithuania was by 36% lower and stood at EUR 74.78/MWh. Electricity price in Latvia dropped by 36% to EUR 74.78/MWh, while in Estonia it dropped by 40% to EUR 75.52/MWh.

Karolis Broga

According to independent electricity supplier Elektrum Lietuva, wholesale electricity prices in Lithuania and Latvia rose by 23% to EUR 142.58/MWh on 21-27 August, compared with the previous week. In Estonia, wholesale electricity price soared by 93% to EUR 153.39/MWh.