Eiki Nestor

Parlt speakers doubt Baltic countries could be compensated for Soviet occupation damage

The Baltic parliamentary speakers doubt that their countries could obtain compensation from Russia for damages incurred during the Soviet occupation.

Latvian, Estonian parliamentary speakers to visit Vilnius

Parliamentary speakers Eiki Nestor of Estonia and Inara Murniece of Latvia are to arrive in Vilnius on Thursday.

3 parliamentary speakers in Vilnius see Nord Stream 2 as Russia's political instrument

The Nord Stream gas pipeline projected on the bottom of the Baltic Sea is an instrument of Russia 's state policies, which will make Europe more dependent...

Lithuania marks 28 yrs of restored independence, 100th anniversary of partisan leader

Lithuania marks on Sunday the 28th anniversary of restoration of independence and the 100th birth anniversary of the anti-Soviet resistance commander...

Day of Freedom Defenders commemorated all around the world

Lithuania's diplomatic consulates abroad invited Lithuanians and friends of Lithuania to honour the 25th anniversary of the January 13 , 1991, events on...