Lithuania's meat and poultry processor gets green light to export meat products to Vietnam

Lithuania's meat and poultry processor Nematekas has received the green light to export its products to Vietnam .

Map of 20 most unusual ice-cream flavours in Lithuania

Bacon, beetroot and seaweed are just a few of the unusual ice-cream flavours offered by Lithuanian chefs. Continuing its tradition of the GASTRO travel...

Battle of the shopping basket: Lithuania vs UK

A recent study by Compare My Mobile has uncovered the cheapest and most expensive places to buy the most popular weekly food shop items across Europe.

36 kg atsikračiusi buvusi pornografinių filmų žvaigždė Jenna Jameson pasidalino tirpstančio svorio patarimais (22)

Jenna Jameson , atsikračiusi 36 kg laikydamasi ketogeninės (keto) dietos, sudarė geriausių patarimų sąrašą ir pasidalino juo su gerbėjais, rašoma...

US experts checking Lithuania's egg producer

US experts have on Monday started inspecting Lithuania's egg producer Baltic Egg Production , part of Lithuania's Viciunu Grupe business group, willing to...