dual citizenship

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Linas Jegelevičius | the Lithuania Tribune

Russia's Vladimir Putin may have just done favour for Lithuania with his sardonic remark on “fewer Lithuanians” during his recent visit to Kaliningrad – even parties that had bristled against the idea of a referendum on allowing dual citizenship, might be embracing it amid the sabre-rattling from th...

Giedrimas Jeglinskas

It is mind-boggling that the question of dual citizenship remains unresolved. Since the 1990s, Lithuania’s population has been in decline. Emigration coupled with low birth rate continues to drive down the number of people living in Lithuania.

A sociological poll has revealed that many people approve of legalising dual citizenship and would vote in favour of the proposal in a referendum. According to political scientist Algis Krupavičius, a referendum on dual citizenship might be successful if the matter was presented as the interest of t...