Sad statistics: Lithuania has highest rate of accidental drowning

In 2016 there were 5 537 deaths of European Union (EU) residents caused by accidental drowning and submersion . The figure has been falling each year...

Smartest dog in Kaunas immortalized in bronze (1)

The historical marketplace in Žaliakalnis became the location of the newest highlight of Kaunas , writes visit.kaunas.lt.

“Living chain” saves drowning women and children

A walk on Sunday afternoon in Klaipėda‘s Melnragė I near the pier could have ended in tragedy for four people, klaipeda.diena.lt reports.

Lithuanian robotics industry is ready for a growth spurt: from robots that think to smart things that save lives

The latest innovative products and solutions under development and already in application by Lithuanian business and science were presented at the press...