BuzzFeed says Lithuania is a place to visit in 2016

American news site BuzzFeed has announced 18 places in the world worth visiting in 2016. Lithuania is also on the list.

Young expatriates don't rule out returning to Lithuania (2)

Lithuanian institutions are putting more and more effort into enticing expatriates to return to their homeland, world Lithuanian youth leaders said during...

Opinion: Drinking and driving, the case for zero tolerance

An increased number of deadly accidents and too high a number of positive alcohol tests during roadside checkpoints in several European countries have...

Lithuania jumps into top 20 countries for doing business - Forbes (2)

Lithuania has jumped seven places to 17th in the world in the Forbes Best Countries for Business rankings.

Material welfare in Lithuania approaching EU average

Lithuania is approaching consumption levels comparable to the European Union's average. With actual individual consumption in the country 19 percent below...

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