Lithuania's ruling party leaders call for new probes into business influence on politics

The leaders of the ruling Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union (LVŽS) on Thursday called for new investigations into businesses' influence on politics.

Some 37 foreign warships come to Klaipėda for Baltops exercise

Thirty-seven foreign naval ships were to arrive in the Lithuanian port of Klaipėda on Thursday morning to take part in Baltops 2018.

Lithuania will consider appealing ECHR ruling on CIA prison – justmin (Updated)

Lithuania will consider appealing the European Court of Human Rights ' ruling that a secret CIA prison operated in Lithuania, Justice Minister Elvinas...

MG Baltic, Leo LT's damage to Lithuania worth millions, NSGK chair says

The damage of MG Baltic deals and the Leo LT story to the State of Lithuania could be worth "millions of euros", therefore, attempts will be made to...

Lithuania must "clean" itself of Rosatom, NSGK chair says

Lithuania must make principled decisions and "clean" the county of companies incompatible with national security interests, Vytautas Bakas , chairman of the...

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