Defense Ministry

Lithuania considers sending troops to Strait of Hormuz

Lithuania is considering sending troops to the Strait of Hormuz to contribute to an international mission to protect shipping in the Persian Gulf .

Russian arms control inspectors visiting Lithuania (1)

A team of Russian arms control inspectors are starting on Tuesday a visit to a chosen military area of Lithuania, the Defense Ministry said.

Habel taking over as commander of NATO battle group (1)

Lieutenant Colonel Rouven Habel of Germany is taking over as commander of NATO 's multinational battlegroup in Lithuania in a ceremony on Thursday, the...

New chief of defense assumes office

Major General Valdemaras Rupsys is on Wednesday assuming his new office as Lithuania's chief of defense .

10 unreported moments: Grybauskaite's diplomacy behind-the-scenes

With Dalia Grybauskaite having ended her second term as Lithuanian president, here is a look at her behind-the-scenes foreign policy activities.

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