Czech Republic

US analyst: Lithuanian-Russian relations give new meaning to "the dialogue of the deaf" (2)

Russia is not going to give in to Western pressures and might get even more confrontational, especially as its economy is going to the dumps, says Bruce...

Decentralised management approach is key to attracting top Lithuanian talent for Danish Adform

Mats Persson marvels at the changes Vilnius has undergone since his first visit to Lithuania just three years ago. The Swedish head of Adform, a Denmark...

Lithuanian government backs recall of four ambassadors

The Government of Lithuania on Wednesday backed the recall of four ambassadors – to Russia, Ukraine, Spain and the Czech Republic – after their terms end.

Lithuania to join NATO logistics coordination centre

Lithuania will join the NATO Multinational Joint Logistics Coordination Centre.

Bruce S. Thornton: Why should Putin risk for Baltic states? (1)

The Western countries are unable to properly respond to Russia 's aggressive policies, because they are "rich enough to afford the luxury of believing that...

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