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Court refuses to recognize divorce certificate from Crimea

The Court of Appeal of Lithuania has refused to recognize a divorce certificate issued in the Russia-annexed region of Crimea .

Court rules to extradite Google, Facebook fraud suspect to US (Updated)

The Lithuanian Court of Appeals on Friday ruled to extradite Evaldas Rimašauskas , a Lithuanian national accused of swindling US tech giants Facebook...

Top court rules impeachment possible for crimes committed before taking office

Impeachment proceedings may be opened against persons holding certain posts for crimes committed before taking office, the Constitutional Court ruled on...

Lithuanian court upholds restricted freedom for 82-year-old former KGB officer

The Lithuanian Court of Appeals on Friday dismissed appeals in a case in which Ylya Vorobyov, an 82-year-old former KGB officer, was charged with genocide...

Lithuanian prosecutors appeal court's refusal to extradite Kazakh man

The Lithuanian Prosecutor General's Office has lodged an appeal with the Lithuanian Court of Appeals against a Vilnius court's ruling not to extradite...

Greta Klimkaitė, laida „Iš esmės“, Virginija Spurytė

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Zoltan Simon, Stephanie Bodoni, Jorge Valero

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