Corporal punishment

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Child rights protection reform makes headway in parliament

A child right protection system reform package that, for the first time, sets six years as the minimum age for a child to be left alone is making headway in...

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Nordic specialists to share experience in Vilnius on fighting violence against children

Specialists and scientists of the Nordic countries will attend a conference at the Lithuanian parliament on Friday share their experience on fighting...

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Two-thirds of Lithuanians back corporal punishment ban

Almost 68 percent of the Lithuanian population are in favour of the corporal punishment of children being banned by law, a survey carried out by the...

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Human rights defenders welcome ban on violence against children

The Council of Europe 's commissioner and a US-based organization Human Rights Watch on Tuesday welcomed the Lithuanian decision to ban corporal...

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Corporal punishment ban to ban vindication of aggressors - prosecutor

Lithuanian prosecutors are astonished by court rulings to vindicate parents for violence against underage children, says Prosecutor General Evaldas Pašilis...

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