442 new coronavirus cases

On Thursday, 424 new COVID-19 cases were detected in Lithuania . In total, 9104 coronavirus cases have been recorded in the country.

Three of 5 new coronavirus fatalities recorded in Siauliai County

Three of Lithuania 's five latest coronavirus fatalities were elderly residents of Siauliai County who had underlying health issues, the National Public...

Lithuania has a 2-month supply of coronavirus reagents

Lithuania currently has at least a two months' supply of reagents for coronavirus diagnostic tests, the National Public Health Surveillance Laboratory said.

Number of new coronavirus cases keeps growing: new record again

On Wednesday, 424 new COVID-19 cases were detected in Lithuania . It's a record number of new cases the second day in a row.

Twelve municipalities placed under quarantine

The Lithuanian government decided on Wednesday to place another 12 Lithuanian municipalities under quarantine .

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