„Cigarettes After Sex“ grįžta į Vilnių (2)

Hipnotizuojančios muzikos kūrėjai „ Cigarettes After Sex “ birželio 12 dieną koncertuos Vilniaus universiteto botanikos sode.

Elektroninių cigarečių „Juul“ kūrėjams – grėsmė tapti milijardieriais (5)

„Juul Labs Inc.“ įkūrėjai Adamas Bowenas ir Jamesas Monseesas taps pirmaisiais elektroninių cigarečių milijardieriais, jeigu „Altria Group...

Health behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study: the health and lifestyle of Lithuanian children and adolescents are improving

Every 4 years since 1994, the Health Research Institute of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences conducts the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children...

Belarusian busted in Lithuania with contraband in car with diplomatic plates

Lithuanian customs officers have detained a Belarusian citizen who tried to bring contraband goods into the country in a car with diplomatic car plates.

Over half a million packs of cigarettes detained in Lithuanian port of Klaipeda

As part of an investigation into a suspected illegal scheme, a shipment of over half a million packs of cigarettes from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has...