Chiune Sugihara

Nauseda: relations with Japan improving, but some potential still untapped (1)

Economic cooperation between Japan and Lithuania is improving, but there are untapped synergies in energy, transport and logistics, food industry, life...

Main events in Kaunas in 2020

From official events by FIBA and FIFA to vibrant local traditions and arts.

Expat from Japan: customers are treated more respectfully in my country (3)

In Japan , it is common to eat a sponge-like Christmas cake during Christmas explains student Tetsuya Oka from Tokyo.

2020: The Year of Chiune Sugihara

Next year will mark the 80th anniversary of the Japanese diplomat’s noble work while residing in Kaunas . It will also be a great chance to celebrate his...

Paulė Kuzmickienė. Tūkstantis dr. Antano Trimako laisvės bilietų (9)

Visame pasaulyje yra žinomi Pasaulio teisuoliai – olandų verslininkas ir diplomatas Janas Zvartendijkas ir japonų konsulinis pareigūnas Chiune...

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