10 insights and tips to reduce the psychological impact of the quarantine in Lithuania

On Saturday 7th November, a second national lockdown was imposed in Lithuania, bringing once again inevitable changes to our everyday lives. While some of...

Ten ways Covid-19 has changed the world economy forever

Economic shocks like the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 only arrive once every few generations, and they bring about permanent and far-reaching change.

Gender inequality in higher education: 17 percent pay gap between female and male academics

Carried out in 2018-2019, the Analysis of Diversity and Equal Opportunities in Vilnius University (VU) revealed that the number of women working at VU...

Government orders school closures for two weeks bans travelling to certain countries

The Lithuanian government on Thursday backed the State Emergency Situation Commission 's proposal to suspend activity of all educational, cultural, sports...

Global defense applications company to begin operations in Kaunas

NBC Security , Inc., a global defense applications firm, has announced its decision to commence operations in Lithuania under the name UAB “Baltic Defense...

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