Central Electoral Commission

Presidential election campaign kicks off in Lithuania

The campaign for presidential election in Lithuania officially started on Monday with seven candidates already lining up to take a seat from incumbent...

Municipal election campaign officially starts in Lithuania

The election campaign of the upcoming municipal council and direct mayoral elections officially starts in Lithuania on Wednesday.

Seimas inclined to hold dual citizenship referendum with 2-week gap

The majority of members of the Lithuanian parliament back a proposal to hold a dual citizenship referendum on two days with a gap of two weeks between them.

TS-LKD's Haase gets seat in Seimas – watchdog

Lithuania's Central Electoral Commission on Thursday approved the results of the last weekend's election in Zanavykai constituency to fill a vacant...

TS-LKD's Haase wins Lithuania's parlt by-election in Lithuania's Zanavykai constituency

Irena Haase , representing the opposition conservative Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats , has won the Sunday's by-election in Lithuania's...

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