Europe accelerates electric-car shift with subsidies, bans

Europe is taking unprecedented steps to phase out gasoline and diesel cars and bring an end to the almost 150-year-long era of the internal combustion engine.

Paysera continues to expand in the Balkans: launched in Albania, eyeing Serbia

The Lithuanian-founded electronic payment network, Paysera , which provides a current account, money transfers, and in-store payment gateway services, is...

Bonuses, dividends pit Europe banks against economic wardens

Judging by its largest banks , you’d hardly know Europe was in the grip of a worsening pandemic .

Kaip bandžiau susigrąžinti pinigus už atšauktus skrydžius: klaidos ir išmoktos pamokos (3)

Koronaviruso pandemija atskleidė, kaip skirtingai skrydžių bendrovės vertina savo klientą. Per savaitę grąžinti visus pinigus už neįvykusius...

Europe’s lockdowns threaten to squash fragile profit rebound

Just as European companies are finally starting to see a recovery in earnings, tough new measures to curb a resurgent coronavirus threaten to throw that...

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