Bohumil Mazanek

Winegrowing regions a destination for Lithuanian visitors to the Czech Republic

Thanks to a direct bus connection from Vilnius, most Lithuanian visitors to the Czech Republic can travel to Prague and Brno. The rich history and...

Čekijos ambasadorius įvardijo jam įsiminusį bruožą, lietuvius skiriantį nuo čekų (1)

Šį kartą „Labas rytas, Lietuva “ rubrika „Iš arčiau“ kviečia susipažinti su Čekijos ambasadoriumi Lietuvoje Bohumilu Mazaneku , skelbia LRT.

Lithuania’s shrinking working population and the war for talent

When it comes to the labour market in Lithuania, now the employees are calling the shots, while most employers need to compete to attract and retain...

Czech Republic presents the 'the Heart of Europe' in Vilnius

A series of events on Saturday invited people of Vilnius to get to know the Czech Republic during the Czech Day in the City Hall.

Czech ambassador: Shanghai could not offer what I found in Vilnius

The Czech Embassy is situated on the right bank of the River Neris, in the heart of Vilnius ' rustic Žvėrynas quarter. The country's Ambassador to...