Lithuania's Donny Montell makes it into Eurovision finals

Lithuanian Eurovision 2016 singer/songwriter Donatas Montvydas , better known by the stage name Donny Montell , has made it into the Eurovision finals...

Why Trump is wrong about the costs and benefits of NATO (3)

Trump’s explanation of the economics of America’s security alliances misses several core realities, argues Michael O’Hanlon. The benefits of certain...

Investment and trade office underscores 'growing importance of Baltics to Flemish economy'

One of Europe's most successful economic powerhouses, Flanders, opened a representative office in Vilnius. It was a festive celebration and brought one...

Lithuania drops in world rankings for LGBT rights

Lithuania has been ranked 36th out of 49 countries in a LGBT rights rankings of countries compiled by Rainbow Europe.

Flanders opens trade and investment office in Vilnius

Flanders’ Minister-President Geert Bourgeois opened a new office of Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) in Vilnius on Tuesday.

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