Expatriate Lithuanians slow in registering to vote in general elections

Lithuanian citizens living abroad are not very active in registering as voters for the October general elections , the Central Electoral Commission has said.

Lithuania's brain drain: 'Some professions are trained for export'

Emigration has been a perennial headache for the Lithuanian government and businesses for more than a decade now. Departures of young and educated people...

Life sciences trend setters will meet in Lithuania

Cannabinoids, age related diseases, CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technique, which has been named as one of the five technologies that will disrupt healthcare by...

Pranešta apie bombas dviejuose į Briuselį skridusiuose lėktuvuose atnaujinta 21.19 (64)

Gauti pranešimai apie bombas dviejuose į Briuselį skrendančiuose lėktuvuose, skelbia naujienų agentūra „Reuters“, cituodama belgų...

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