Bank of Lithuania

Lithuanians still hold €152 million in Litas a year after adoption of Euro

Nearly a year has passed since the adoption of the euro , but nearly LTL 525 million (€152 million) in cash still remains unexchanged by Lithuanians.

Euro adoption helped Lithuanians save €40m

Lithuanian consumers and businesses saved some €40 million due to lower interest rates after the adoption of the euro a year ago, economists at the Bank...

Monument cast from Litas coins commemorates first central banker

A monument to the first manager of the Bank of Lithuania , Vladas Jurgutis, has been unveiled near the headquarters of the Bank of Lithuania.

Lithuania's biggest consumer credit company sanctioned for 'irresponsible lending'

4finance, the leading consumer credit company in Lithuania, has had its licence revoked by the Bank of Lithuania following repeated violations.

Lithuania's economic growth to almost double (1)

Lithuania’s economy should grow 2.9% next year, almost double this year's rate of 1.7%, according to the director of Economics and Financial Stability...

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