Baltic States

Vidmantas Valiušaitis. Why is Kazys Škirpa being vilified?

"What's to become of Š kirpa Avenue? It's clear to everybody that this hound of Hitler's was the main harbinger of the mass killing of Jews in...

Историк: проблемой Литвы и Восточной Европы всегда был недостаток людей иностранцы оставляют важный след в истории Литвы (116)

Проблема, с которой сталкивались территории Литвы и Восточной Европы в целом,...

Baltic defence ministers to discuss joint security projects

Lithuanian Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis is on Friday taking part in a meeting of the Baltic defence ministers in the Latvian city of Liepaja.

Lithuania’s ambition to become the leader of business tourism of the Baltic region

Opportunities for organising business events in Lithuania are attractive not only to European countries, but also to the USA, Canada and Australia. Those...

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