Gorbachev was right about german reunification

Thatcher and Mitterrand nearly stopped it from happening, but 30 years on, reunification remains the world’s most successful geopolitical experiment.

Police chief: police won’t give priority to violations of smoking in balconies

The Lithuanian police will not give priority to violations of smoking in balconies , which will be banned from next year under respective amendments...

Lithuanian parliament bans smoking in balconies

Residents of apartment blocks in Lithuania will no longer be able to smoke in balconies if at least one resident objects to that, after the country's...

Research: what life at home looks like during quarantine (1)

The ongoing quarantine have closed Lithuanians at home for almost the longest time so far. IKEA research shows that most people spent this period of...

Main events in Kaunas in 2020

From official events by FIBA and FIFA to vibrant local traditions and arts.

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