Why are radical parties failing to attract support in Lithuania?

Radical parties on the left and the right of the political spectrum are rising in popularity across the EU with some in an increasingly strong position to...

Obama on independence day: 'Lithuania continues to serve as a model to others' (4)

US President Barack Obama has praised Lithuania 's contribution to supporting Eastern Partnership countries and Ukraine, saying that Lithuania...

Belarus sanctions likely to end, Linkevičius says

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius says that the European Union is likely to lift all existing sanctions on Belarus .

V. Ivanauskas – apie nuplaukusią olimpiadą ir CSKA ultimatumą (7)

Keturis kartus geriausiu Lietuvos futbolininku rinktas Valdas Ivanauskas sportininko karjerą baigė prieš 14 metų, tačiau iki šiol turi ką prisiminti.

Lithuanian teachers‘ wages lower than poorer EU countries

Lithuania’s teachers earn less than their counterparts in Romania, even though there is a lower minimum wage there.

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